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Our architectural model makers use state of the art laser cutting, CNC machining and traditional hand skills to produce super scaled architectural models  at realistic costs.  Using Proteck's experience built up over 25 years of model making we understand that our clients demand a first class service whilst working to fixed budgets and time constraints. Our team of highly skilled model makers take great pride in production of each quality model even going the extra mile to please  the customer. We understand that the project is very much the clients Baby and make sure we liaise closely allowing the model to fulfill its brief.                                 

Architectural model makers Proteck understand that designs are evolving as projects take shape so we like to take a flexible approach to the model build, You wont find us charging for small on going changes. This flexible approach to architectural model making means we are happy to start projects still in the design process allowing tight deadlines to be reached.

Testament to our friendly service is the fact that many or our clients have been using Proteck for years and some date back to when we formed in 1989 ! Many of our complex marketing models come with PC or iPad driven controllers for lighting or movement etc. We will always support completed models for a period of time so you can be assured if there are issues on site Proteck will sort out ASAP. Knowing how busy Technical staff get, the last thing they need to be doing is answering a question from a model maker every 5 minutes so we are happy to pick up drawings from clients servers or talk to the architects direct. Proteck realy like to make it easy for you from commission to delivery.

Last but not least we like to make aesthetically pleasing models. Proteck's architectural models are a major selling aid and simply have to be clean, crisp and great to look at. So if you want to work with a positive, friendly company delivering fantastic service at realistic costs please call and we will be happy to help you further your project.

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Sports facilities

Commercial and retail units

Residential housing and apartments




Architectural model making solutions for architects and developers in London and Middlesex.   Design, construction, bespoke stands, Illumination, packaging and transportation of architectural models.

email: info@proteck.co.uk

email: info@proteck.co.uk